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Natural Betty

Breathless Luxury Body Wash


Indulge in a luxuries bath or hot shower. Take a deep breath to refresh your senses while Breathless leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy. Handmade with herbal infused eucalyptus and mint to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin, relieves congestion, sinusitis and reduce stress for optimal health.  

Skin Types: Dry skin, Oily skin, Normal skin

Directions: Wet your skin, lather some of the luxury body wash on a loofah or washcloth and massage onto the skin and repeat. Rinse it off and pat dry with a towel.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Aloe Vera Gel, Calendula, Chamomile, Passionflower, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Eucalyptus herbs, Mint herbs, Fragrance Oils, Coco Betaine (naturally-derived from coconut), Citric Acid

 *Luxury body washes are curated without sulfates (SLS), parabens, and Phthalates*

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We create healthy natural skin care and hair product that are 100% vegan. We believe that natural is the ultimate source of beauty and we strive to give you the best organic products on the market. We use the most effective ingredients from around the world to provide get the results you want everyday.

Natural Betty products are 100% Vegan. They do not contain any animal ingredients, nor animal-derived ingredients. 

Breathless Luxury Body Wash

Breathless Luxury Body Wash



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ingredients are used in the moisturizer?

    Mango butter; Avocado Butter; Grape seed oil; Carrot Seed oil; Rosehip oil; Hemp seed oil.

  • How often will I need to use the moisturizer?

    We recommend once a day. However, you can use as much as you like.

  • Will it leave my skin oily?

    If your face is greasy, take it easy. A small amount will go a long way.

  • Are your products Vegan?

    Yes. Our products are 100% vegan. There are no synthetic oils used.

  • What temperature do the products need to be stored at?

    Keep all products at room temperature.